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3 - 5 Year Old Language Apps
  • First Phrases Lite
    – Appropriate for kids who are learning to put phrases together. Features verb + noun phrase syntax patterns ("eat the apple")
  • Fun with Directions Lite
    – Works on listening and reviews basic concepts, which are associated with following directions
  • Picture the Sentence Lite
    – Appropriate for preschool through elementary age kids who are working on improving their ability to comprehend and conceptualize the meaning of basic sentences ("He is eating the carrot" – it says the sentence and then you have to find the picture that matches).
  • Adam Learns Shapes and Colors
    - works on shapes and colors
  • Color Dog
    – color matching
  • Speech with Milo: Prepositions
    – working on different prepositions
  • Speech with Milo: Verbs
    – introduces different verbs
  • Splingo's Language Universe
    - to help children learn listening and language skills
  • Different Roads to Learning
    - Four different apps to download – Clean up: Category Sorting, What Goes Together, What's that Sound, and Let's Build a Bedroom
  • Autism Express
    - describes different emotions or how you are feeling
  • Quibble – works on categorization
  • Puzzingo
    – picture matching (alphabet, ocean animals, toys, farm animals, zoo animals). Available for iPad and Android
  • Look in my eyes
    - Six apps to download – works on eye contact (steam train, dinosaur, restaurant, undersea, car mechanic)
    – flash cards
    – Receptive, Receptive by Function, Receptive by Feature, Receptive by Class, Receptive Combined
  • Dots for Tots
    – helps to reinforce number and quantity recognition and counting skills
  • First Word Sampler
    – teaches kids about letters, how letters relate to sounds and even how to spell words
  • Puzzle Me
    - Solve colorful graphic puzzles using classically shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces with PuzzleMe
  • Mouse in a House
    – teaches kids about shapes
  • MosaicHD
    – help them improve dexterity, color recognition, memory, and imagination and creativity, all while having fun
Fun Animal Apps
Preschool Games
5 and Up
  • Question it – works on who, what, when, and where questions
  • Murky Reef – Different games that work on Number Sense, rhyming words, greater than, "not in" letter, and addition 1-10
  • Language Builder – making up sentences about a picture
  • Irregular Verbs - working on past tense verbs
  • Mad Libs – working on different parts of speech – noun, adjective, verb, etc.
  • Understanding Inferences (Super Duper)- helps to boost a Childs inference and reasoning skills
  • What Am I Riddles? - riddles
  • Word Sort – discusses the different parts of speech (i.e., verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc.)
  • Lets Name Things (Super Duper) – name items to practice vocabulary, categorizing, and thinking skills
  • Name That Category (Super Duper)- gives you 3 items and you have to name the category
  • What Doesn't Belong (Brain GO LLC) – find the picture that doesn't belong with the others
  • Speech with Mile: Sequencing – Sequences 3 picture cards by first, next, and last
  • Model Me Going Places – videos for modeling social skills
  • – Healthy Habits, What Rhymes, What doesn't Belong, and What goes together
  • Dial Safe Pro – Teaches a child phone skills
  • Math Coloring - iPad | Android
  • Futaba - multiplayer game, great for social skills